A comprehensive offer: offset printing, digital printing, manuals, stationery and special processing

Communication tools, catalogues, corporate publications, instruction manuals, technical guides: we print these and much more, including prestigious books and publications using offset and digital printing processes. To all this we can add stationery products and special processing. We are a sound, dynamic, proactive and constructive benchmark for industry and commerce, as well as for organisations, also often via communication agencies and graphic studios.

AGCM - Services - Prestress


We carry out all pre-press activities aware that they are crucial to the quality of the print. With our experience and using dedicated software, we can check the conformity of the files we receive with the utmost reliability. By colour proofing with great care, we can ensure that the colours required are perfectly matched. If necessary, we make appropriate adjustments using photolithography, adjusting hues and contrasts.

Offset printing

Our offset printing service, which involves machines that can print up to 10 colours using duplex printing with acrylic coating, boasts a total of 22 printing units. We make a huge variety of products using the most varied paper media, combining consistent quality from the first to the last copy with speed, achieving very large print runs of up to 15,000 copies per hour.

Our equipment, shared with very few other companies in Italy, consisting of a new Heidelberg XL 105-10 10-colour printing press, convertible 5+5, equipped with a lacquering machine for duplex printing with acrylic coatings, a Prinect Inpress Control 2, Autoplate XL and automatic Perfecting, allow us to offer the ultimate in quality and speed. This saves time even when printing particularly complex jobs.


  • 1-Heidelberg SM 1 102-10 – 10-colour, convertible 5+5
  • 1- Heidelberg XL 105-10 – 10-colour, convertible 5+5, + lacquering machine for duplex printing with acrylic coatings – Prinect Inpress Control 2, Autoplate XL, automatic Perfecting
  • 1 Heidelberg Image Control for spectrophotometric quality control
  • 1 CTP Kodak Magnus 800 Quantum Platesetter system
  • 1 CTP AGFA Avalon system
AGCM - Services - Offset printing

AGCM - Services - Digital Printing

Digital printing

Our digital printing service enables us to produce short print runs, the number of copies strictly necessary to preview a publication, ensuring high quality and speed thanks to the use of the best state-of-the-art HP Indigo and Xerox technologies.


We are also specialised in manuals, for which we have a dedicated company division. We produce black and white, and colour technical manuals using offset and/or digital printing processes, and carry out binding methods that include stapled, glue-stitched, milled paperback or simply folded according to the customer’s packaging and wrapping requirements.

AGCM - Services - Manuals

AGCM - Services - Binding


We have our own binding department, a resource that allows us to handle processing in-house from start to finish, thereby ensuring speedy delivery and strict all-round quality control. We rely on the best equipment, with which we produce any type of binding, whether standard or with special features. Depending on the type of printed material and the specific request, we can carry out the following types of binding: glue-stitched, stapled, omega-stapled, metal spiral, milled paperback and sewn paperback.

Stationery and special processing

What makes the difference in our stationery and special processing department is the presence of professionals who have specific skills, handle sophisticated processes and implement them meticulously. We offer a broad, custom-made product range: ring binders, boxes, folders, display stands, cases and slipcases. Processing includes hot foil, embossed and UV finishes, special and eco-friendly laminations.

AGCM - Services - Papermaking and special processes